Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!- Theophile Gautier}

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Customer Photo Album

Original Cat Photo
Richard Van Aalst'sTommy

Original Cat Photo
Dorothea's Cosmos II

Amy's Little Squirt

Hide and Seek! Rachael's Argent


Kay Wright
Kay Wright's Maine Coon Cat and Teddy bears



Teddy Bear & Friends Cover Dec  2003

"Teddy Bear and Friends"
December 2003

'Snowball fight Bodyguard' - "But which one is the Bodyguard??!"

This wonderful one-of-a-kind creation was the auction piece at the Disney Show [More]

Sold out "Zephyrus the Hero"
Protector against fantastic flying creatures!
Standing height 9" Imported Belgium plush; needlesculptured, hand colored features; hand painted eyes set in handmade eye sockets; earliners/ mohair ; head jointed; body- soft armatured; polyfil & poly pellet stuffing....... 1of 30
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Oops! I knocked the milk over. Darn it!